About us

Meet the team behind Studio Moien.

We're More Than Just a design Company

Welcome to Studio Moien, the place where creativity meets coziness. We're a small (but passionate!) team based in Luxembourg committed to transforming everyday spaces into inspiring environments.

Our Journey

Welcome to Studio Moien, where our journey began in 2023 with a mission ignited by a simple yet profound realization. Our founder, Baris, envisioned a world where transforming your home's atmosphere didn't mean an extravagant investment but a celebration of art, creativity, and personal expression.

What We Believe

At Studio Moien, we believe in the power of change within the walls you call home. The essence of a room can be entirely reimagined not by grand overhauls but through the subtle whispers of design that art brings. This belief is what led us to curate a collection of affordable art pieces, offering everyone the joy of a renewed space without the hefty price tag.

Our creations are more than just objects; they are a fusion of creativity and the warmth of coziness, designed to bring forth a sense of contentment and inspiration. Each piece is crafted with the hope of sparking joy in the heart of its beholder and turning every room into a haven of personal delight.

Our Commitment

Commitment to our customers is the cornerstone of Studio Moien. We strive to provide not only art pieces but an experience that enriches your life. Our passion is to democratize beauty, allowing everyone to revel in the coziness of enhanced living spaces.

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Join us in this movement of transformation, as we continue to explore the infinite possibilities of affordable elegance. Let's embrace the idea that to live better doesn't mean to live more extravagantly, but rather with more intention, taste, and joy. This is the spirit of Studio Moien – where every stroke, every color, every texture is an invitation to experience the art of living.